Master Competitive Pistol Shooting

Master Competitive Pistol Shooting
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Master Competitive Pistol Shooting An update of the long since sold out classic book “Pistol... mehr
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Master Competitive Pistol Shooting
An update of the long since sold out classic book “Pistol Shooting”, by Ragnar Skanåker, Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. Skanåker provides in depth knowledge of pistol shooting techniques and gives training tips for both beginners and elite athletes. Focusing on the ISSF shooting events like Free Pistol, Air Pistol, Rapid Fire, Standard and Center Fire, the book also touches on other popular events. The chapter on basic and specific physical fitness training for pistol shooters is often overlooked, but a key component to higher scores. At the end the book dives into the mental aspects of shooting and coping with competitions, as well as characteristics and winning attitudes of master pistol shooters.

The book is a hardback book with 184 pages full color pictures and illustrations.

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